Business Background

High fashion home furnishings company Revman International, operates multiple online in-house brands and national brands such as Nautica, Kenneth Cole and Betsey Johnson. Having a social media expert was key. In 2010, in New York City, VP Martin Moskowitz, hired our brand new agency Micro Media Marketing to handle all of their social media brand launches, strategies, advertising campaigns and influencer outreach programs. They have grown exponentially launching new in-house brands every year.


Over 240K new followers | 126% Increase in eCommerce Sales

Brand Growth for Sales

  • City Scene | +128%
  • Stone Cottage | +106%
  • Poppy & Fritz | +145%


Overall in-house brand ads in July continued to perform well overall as it has consistently in 2020.

  • The Stone Cottage avg. CPC remained at $.07.
  • For July ads, City Scene performed well with an avg CPC of $.10.
  • For Poppy & Fritz, the avg. CPC remained at $.15.
New Followers
126% ↑
Increase in eCommerce Sales